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Obaku Denmark

Obaku Denmark

Obaku is a collection of Danish Designer Watches, inspired by the classic Danish design traditions combined with the asian Zen philosophy that focuses on the essential things in life. Each watch is designed to look as modern and elegant ten years from now as it does today.

Lau Liengard Ruge and Christian Mikkelsen are the creators behind every Obaku watch. Each watch has the name of its designer inscribed in the back case. Since 2007 they have been creating the Obaku watches and are continually striving for perfection.

Obaku Circle of Life. The Obaku logo is inspired by the Zen calligraphic circle known as Enso, which in Japanese means 'circle'. It symbolises strength, elegance and the universe and is an 'expression of the moment'. The calligraphic Enso refers to a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body and spirit create. In short it symbolises everything an Obaku watch is.

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